Новый материал

01.02.2015 12:45

* Библиотека. "rxlvm_051.zip" [OS2] REXX LVM Interface (version 0.51). I've written a (simple) REXX interface to certain LVM functions. This library is called RxLVM, and provides read-only access to information about drives, volumes, partitions, and Boot Manager. (c) Alex Taylor, 2007

* Скрипт. RRBACKUP.CMD - REXX + RAR Backup Utility Version 1.1 (с) Alex Taylor, 2003

* Скрипт.  SHUTKILL  is a simple REXX program for manipulating the eComStation (eStyler) enhanced shutdown built-in process killer. (с) Alex Taylor, 2003

* Скрипт.  Simplified MAN  is a simplified 'man' utility (a command-line viewer for Unix-style manual pages). It emphasizes convenience and ease of use, rather than rigid adherence to working exactly like standard man. (с) Alex Taylor, 2006

* В раздел "Rexx расширяемые программы" добавлена информация о программе "Hack - a Win32 hex editor with REXX scripting".