Новый материал

26.10.2015 16:40

* Скрипт. "Ежедневный сбор данных с сервера NYSE Euronext" (с) 2010.

* Бибилиотека. "rexxipc-src.zip" Source code for the RexxIPC library. The RexxIPC library allows access to InterProcess Communications facilities of the OS/2 operating system. The source code has been released by its author, Serge Brisson, so that others may benefit from it, whether for educational purposes or to extend its functionality. It has been released under the Lesser GNU Public License. As Mr. Brisson no longer uses OS/2, so contacting him about this software will not do anyone any good. (с) 2002

* Статья. "Rexx Function Package for TCP/IP FTP for OS/2 2.0" Автор: Patrick Mueller, 1993.