Новый материал

10.12.2015 10:28

* Библиотека. rxu1a.zip - RXU v1.a - Rich set of Rexx functions which expose most of the OS/2 API set to Rexx programs (memory management/access, semaphores, pipes, queues, module handling, threading/tasking, system information, i/o, devioctl, etc.), as well as providing many functions which aid in Rexx programming (variable pool access, "expose" variables across external function calls, queue manipulation, macrospace management, etc.).

* Библиотека. mmiogpng.zip - MMIOPNG 0.7 is my first attempt to create an extension to OS/2 Warp Multimedia Subsystem, in this version only reading PNG files is supported.

* Библиотека. unz520d2.zip  - Info-ZIP's UnZip 5.2:  OS/2 2.x/3.x DLL Portable ZIP archive (c) Scott Maxwell, 1996

* Библиотека. REXX MySQL Library. Wrapper library for adding MySQL support into the REXX language. Libraries are written in C and then imported into REXX scripts. Once imported REXX scripts can access most of the functions of the MySQL C API through REXX. Автор: Daniel Mikusa, 2005

* Библиотека. Rexx/SQL. An external Rexx function package to connect to SQL databases. Rexx/SQL is a Rexx external function package that allows access to various SQL databases with the same interface. Multiple databases from different vendors may be connected at once.

* Статья. "REXX MySQL Library". Автор: Daniel Mikusa, 2005

* Статья. "Видео материал по REXX". Добавил 10 новых роликов.