Новый материал

07.03.2016 16:59

В прошлом года удалось найти несколько "рыбных мест" с книгами и информацией по Rexx. В результате архивы библиотеки пополнились более 150 единицами хранения, в том числе 122-мя книгами. Такой объем информации потребовал значительных временных затрат на его сортировку и каталогизацию. Так же было принято решение отказаться от создания отдельных страничек для каждой книги в пользу табличного хранения информации о них. Все раннее созданные страницы будут сохранены, но убраны из меню и "Карты сайта", прочитать их можно будет, нажав на название книги в таблице.

Сегодня в раздел "Книги по Net Rexx" я выложил первые 6 книги из нового поступления.

Название Источник Скачать Читать в интернете
1 NetRexx Programmer's Guide netrexx.org pdf Version 3.04 GA
Автор RexxLA Дата 2015
The Programming Guide is the one manual that at the same time teaches programming, shows lots of examples as they occur in the real world, and explains about the internals of the translator and how to interface with it. Currently in development – please tolerate the white spots for some time.
2 NetRexx Quick Start Guide netrexx.org pdf Version 3.04 GA
Автор Mike Cowlishaw, RexxLA Дата 2015
This guide is meant for an audience that has done some programming and wants to start quickly. It starts with a quick tour of the language, and a section on installing the NetRexx translator and how to run it. It also contains help for troubleshooting if anything in the installation does not work as designed, and states current limits and restrictions of the open source reference implementation.
3 NetRexx Language Reference netrexx.org pdf Version 3.04 GA
Автор Mike Cowlishaw, RexxLA Дата 2015
Referred to as the NRL, this is the formal definition of the language, documenting its syntax and semantics, and prescribing minimal functionality for language implementors. It is the definitive answer to any question on the language, and as such, is subject to approval of the NetRexx Architecture Review Board on any release of the language (including its NRL).
4 NetRexx 2 https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8003/rgf/rexx/ pdf Version 2.00
Автор Mike Cowlishaw Дата 2009
NetRexx is a general-purpose programming language inspired by two very different programming languages, Rexx and Java™. It is designed for people, not computers. In this respect it follows Rexx closely, with many of the concepts and most of the syntax taken directly from Rexx or its object-oriented version, Object Rexx. From Java it derives static typing, binary arithmetic, the object model, and exception handling. The resulting language not only provides the scripting capabilities and decimal arithmetic of Rexx, but also seamlessly extends to large application development with fast binary arithmetic.
5 Proposals for NetRexx https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8002/rgf/rexx/NetRexx/ pdf Initial public release
Автор Martin Lafaix Дата 2008
In this document I describe eight proposed areas of enhancements to the NetRexx language: piece-wise methods definitions, privileged objects, enhanced type system, short-circuit logical operators, assertions, enhanced array support, default implementations in interfaces, and delegates. My intention in making those proposals is to enhance the readability, expressivity, and descriptiveness of NetRexx, so that the programs we create can be easier to write and maintain. The syntax and semantics are subject to change. Please send comments and suggestions to Martin Lafaix, lafaix@online.fr.
6 NetRexx Language Overview https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8003/rgf/rexx/NetRexx/NetRexxD/ pdf Version 2.00
Автор Mike Cowlishaw Дата 2000
This document summarizes the main features of NetRexx, and is intended to help you start using it quickly. It’s assumed that you have some knowledge of programming in a language such as Rexx, C, BASIC, or Java, but a knowledge of “object-oriented” programming isn’t needed.
This is not a complete tutorial, though – think of it more as a “taster”; it covers the main points of the language and shows some examples you can try or modify. For full details of the language, consult the NetRexx Language Definition and the NetRexx Language Supplement.