Новый материал

12.09.2014 23:42

* Проект. "DATECONV". Автор: Russel Brooks

* Проект. " Powerful data input routine for REXX ".

* Проект. "RxMulch". Автор: Rony G. Flatscher

* Проект. "RxxMath". Автор: John Brock

* Библиотека. "spUtils". Rexx Utility Package. (С) 2004

* Библиотека. "rxSock" version 1.4. RXSOCK is a socket library for Rexx.  Its interface is compatible
with the one provided by IBM with OS/2 and with Object Rexx for
(c) 2004

* Библиотека. "RxULS" Version 0.5.2. REXX Universal Language Support (RxULS) provides a REXX interface to selected parts of the OS/2 Universal Language Support API (ULS). (c) Alexander Taylor, 2008