Игра Метеор

Автор: Jeff Byrd

Дата: 1996

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  METEOR is an OS/2 REXX arcade type game.  I realize that REXX is a poor language choice for arcade games, and this program is meant mostly as a novelty, but it's still kinda fun to play.




  METEOR is freeware.  Feel free to copy it, modify it, do whatever you want to it.  Please note, however, that I'm not responsible for any problems it might cause you or your PC.




  * Digital sound effects. (if you have MMPM/2 installed)

  * The top ten high scoring games are saved as demos.

  * It's networkable. (sort of, run it from a mapped network drive and all the high score/demos will be shared among all users.  This allows you to compete and view each other's performances.)

  * Reasonably well structured code. (for you REXX programmers)

  * Colorful (ANSI character) graphics.

  * Fast, furious action even on slower PCs. (That's probably an exaggeration)


Program Usage



  At the OS/2 command prompt, type: METEOR [/s]


      /s = disable digital sound


  You'll get an instruction/high score screen.  It's a good idea to read the instruction screen carefully before playing.  It's also a goodidea to watch a demo first.



    * TAP the keys, don't hold them down.

    * Keep an eye on the info area on the left side of the screen.

    * Look ahead.

    * All the bonus objects (colored letters) are helpful.


Comments are Welcome


  Thanks for playing Meteor!


  Author: Jeff Byrd

          821 Colfax Dr.

          Nashville TN  37214