Hack - a Win32 hex editor with REXX scripting

Источник: rhack.sourceforge.net

Welcome !

You've found Hack's home page. A public domain Win32 hex editor with rexx scripting.

This means that all source code is available for downloading and can be reused in whatever way you want (except for the code I borrowed which generally has a specific OSI license).

What is it ?

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Hack is an hex editor designed to run under Win32 operating systems (which includes Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT and, probably, Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows 95).

It is written entirely in C using LCC-Win32 and is compilable with Borland C++ 5.5.1. Theses 2 compilers are available for free.

With Hack, you can :

  • edit files directly in hex or ASCII mode
  • disassemble anything in x86 assembly language
  • write your own REXX script to suit your needs


Hack is primarily a way of understanding the Win32 API for me. But that doesn't mean Hack is unusable. Below are goals kept in mind when writing Hack :

  • small executable size
  • runable without weighthy DLL (only one DLL : rexxtrans.dll
  • reuse of existing code (public domain, GPL, etc...). This is the case for libdisasm (The Bastard project) and RexxTrans.
  • smooth GUI. I try to make Hack windows not flickering when moving or resizing
  • make full use of Win32 API (for instance, all file accesses use CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile...)


Here are links to documentation :

What is interesting for a programmer ?

As Hack is public domain, any programmer can get whatever needed. Hack implements these functionnalities (not exhaustive) :

  • MDI windows
  • OLE drop target (in standard C...)
  • reading/writing files
  • new window classes and management of these classes (dynamic resizing without flickering)
  • *.h header files reading
  • interfacing REXX (Regina, Object REXX...)
  • dynamic modifying of menus
  • directory tree exploring
  • *.res file loading and displaying
  • and more as the project grows


Everything should be downloadable from https://sourceforge.net/projects/rhack (Hack-bin-0.4.exe)

You can e-mail me at zigazou@free.fr