NetRexx User’s Guide

Автор: Mike Cowlishaw

Дата: 2000

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Installation 2

    Unpacking the NetRexx package 3
    Installing the NetRexx translator 5
    Installing for Java 1.1 6
    Installing for Java 1.2+ 8
    Testing the NetRexx installation 10
    Installing on an EBCDIC system 11
    Installation on a Linux or Unix system 12
    Installing for Visual J++ 13
    Installing just the NetRexx runtime 15
    Setting the CLASSPATH 16
    Documentation packages 17
    Installation Problems? 18
Using the translator 20
    Using the translator as a Compiler 21
    Using the prompt option 26
    Using the translator as an Interpreter 27
    Using the NetRexxA API 30
    Using NetRexx for Web applets 33
Appendix: Current restrictions 34
Index 37


This document is the User’s Guide for the reference implementation of NetRexx. NetRexx is a human-oriented programming language which makes writing and using Java1 classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.

In this Guide, you’ll find information on:

    • Installing NetRexx
    • Using the NetRexx translator as a compiler, interpreter, or syntax checker
    • Current restrictions.

The NetRexx documentation and software are distributed free of charge under the conditions of the IBM Employee Written Software program. If you download or use a NetRexx package you agree to the terms in the IBM License Agreement included in the package as the file license.txt.

For details of the NetRexx language, and the latest news, downloads, etc., please see the NetRexx documentation included with the package or available on the World Wide Web, for example at: