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1 JavaXPCOM: Mozilla Firefox Scripting https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8002/rgf/diplomarbeiten/ pdf 201007_Palkovic_JavaXPCOM_
Автор Martin Palkovic Дата 2010
XPCOM, which stands for Cross Platform Component Object Model, is a framework for writing cross-platform, modular applications. The basic idea of modularization is splitting monolithic software into several smaller pieces, known as components. These components are usually delivered in small, reusable binary libraries (a DLL on Windows, or a DSO on Unix). When there are two or more related components in a library, it is referred to as a module. The goal of XPCOM is to allow different pieces of software that offer different functionality to be developed and built independently of one another.
Breaking software into different components can help development and maintenance be less difficult. Component-based approach to programming has several advantages:
* Reuse: modular code can be reused in other applications and contexts.
* Updates: updating components without having to recompile the whole application.
* Performance: modules that are not needed necessary right away can be "lazy loaded" or not loaded at all. It can improve the performance of an application.
* Maintenance: modular software design can make specific parts of an application easier to find and maintain.
XPCOM enables developers to create components that can be reused in different applications or replaced to change the functionality of existing applications. It does not only support modular software development, it also provides functionality of a development platform, such as file and memory management, threads, basic data structures (strings, arrays, etc.), object message passing or component management. These core libraries and tools enable selective component loading and manipulation.
The most of the XPCOM components are not part of this core set and are available with other parts of the platform (Necko, Gecko) or with an application or even with an extension. For example the networking module, known as “Necko”, is a library of bundled components for each of the network protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc.).
2 Scripting Mozilla Applications with XPCOM and XuL https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8002/rgf/diplomarbeiten/ pdf, примеры Mitschek_Bakkalaureatsarbeit
Автор Andreas Mitschek Дата 2008
This bachelor thesis aims to explain the working principles of Mozilla’s extensive component and interface architecture, XPCOM. Nutshell code examples serve as a mean to explain the underlying mechanisms and show the practical use of the different programming and scripting languages. Finally, XPCOM services are accessed and manipulated from within different language environments. The programming language Java and its several bridges to other technologies play a crucial role throughout this thesis.
3 Scripting Mozilla with JavaXPCOM and BSF4ooRexx https://wi.wu-wien.ac.at:8002/rgf/diplomarbeiten/ pdf, примеры ScriptingMozilla-20110810.pdf
Автор Gerald Rauter Дата 2011
This seminar paper tries to show how to script Mozilla components via XPCOM, JavaXPCOM, BSF4ooRexx and ooRexx. The used technologies are explained through summarizing text and Nutshell examples. The goal of this paper is to show the features and possibilities of this approach.