VM/ESA Network Computing with Java and NetRexx

Автор: IBM

Дата: 1998

Источник: IBM Redbooks

IBM Form Number SG24-5148-00

Produced in 1998, concentrating on the VM/ESA operating system and the then nascent Java technology on the platform.


Java is the hot new programming language for the nineties and beyond and for developing a whole new category of Internet aware applications. NetRexx 'improves' upon Java by blending the best features of classic REXX with the object model and semantics of Java and the Java Virtual Machine execution environment. Together, these languages provide powerful new tools for enabling VM/ESA systems to fully participate on both the Internet and on organizations' internal 'intra-nets'. Coupled with the new IBM Network Station, VM/ESA can now provide a powerful solution for bringing network aware applications to large numbers of simultaneous users in a very cost effective manner.

This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to install and configure both Java and NetRexx using the IBM provided installation files and scripts. It also covers a selection of VM tools that make using NetRexx and Java easier and less trouble-prone to the applications developer. There is a detailed comparison of NetRexx to classic REXX to help guide VM/REXX programmers through the similarities and differences and introduce them to the novel capabilities of NetRexx. Also included are hints and tips on good NetRexx design and a wealth of examples of NetRexx application programming techniques in the CMS environment.

The book culminates with a complete demonstration application, comprised of a multithreaded CMS server written entirely in NetRexx and a graphical client, written in a mixture of NetRexx and Java, that may be run on IBM Network Stations or other Java platforms, which provides various graphical views of VM performance statistics. Detailed instructions for configuring a network station environment to support the execution of such VM/ESA-based applications are also included.


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