Terms of Usage and License

This application is available on an as-is basis, with no warranty or guarantee of suitability for any purpose.

This application can be freely distributed with or without source code. If no source code is provided in the distribution of this application, it is the responsibility of the distributor to ensure that users have access to the source code by either providing an up-to-date web URL or by copying and hosting said source code themselves. This application may not be sold under any circumstances. It may, however, be included as "bundled" software in a commercial distribution if so desired, so long as proper credit is given to the original author and the source code is made available as described above.

(Note that "bundled" software here refers to software that is included with another product for the convenience of the user. Said product must have its own inherent value proposition, separate and distinct from that of this application.)

The source code can be modified as desired, though as a courtesy to the original author, I'd appreciate hearing about any improvements that you've made so that they can be included in the primary distribution. If you have any question about fair usage of this application, feel free to contact me directly.