MMDDYY2B and B2MMDDYY: Convert dates between MM/DD/YY and Base formats

Автор: Rex Swain

Дата: 1999


The REXX program MMDDYY2B.REX converts MM/DD/YY dates to the REXX "Base" date format -- the number of days between the specified date and the "base" date (01 January 0001).

The program B2MMDDYY.REX converts Base format dates to MM/DD/YY format.

For example:

d = mmddyy2b('12/31/1999')  /* returns 730118       */
j = b2mmddyy(d+1)           /* returns '01/01/2000' */

These utilities are helpful when using a REXX implementation that do not have a built-in dateconv() function.

Many thanks to Peter Baum for his excellent set of date algorithms.