REXX for Newies

Автор: Chris Wenham

Дата:  1998

Источник: EDM/2

REXX for Newies:Part I

As the first in a limited-run series intended to help newcomers get up to speed with Rexx, we introduce some of the benefits of Rexx, examples of how you can put it to productive use in your daily work, and your first few lines of Rexx code.

REXX for Newies:Part II

Part II in our series that teaches Rexx to absolute newbies. In this installment: learn how to make Rexx remember stuff, make decisions, and accept information from the user.

REXX for Newies:Part III

The third part in this series teaches how to do simple arithmetic in Rexx, and why it's good for more than just boring math

REXX for Newies:Part IV

In the fourth installment of our series we teach how to do repetitive jobs by using simple loops.

REXX for Newies:Part V

Functions let you take advantage of pre-written code that you don't have to understand the workings of. Nifty stuff, but first we'll show how to make a simple one of your own.