Solving REXX and OS/2 Problems with REXXLIB

Дата: май 2008

Источник: Intenet Archive WaybackMachine

On this page you will find over 30 different topics discussing various problems that may be encountered by REXX programmers attempting to exploit the many features of REXX under OS/2 - and how functions in REXXLIB can be used to solve the problems.


General REXX issues

  • Iterating over tails of a compound variable
  • Passing data to and from external routines
  • Saving program data across invocations
  • Sorting REXX arrays
  • Date arithmetic and format conversion
  • Mathematical functions (square root, logarithms, trig)
  • Regular expression pattern matching
  • Dumping contents of REXX variables and arrays for debugging
  • Non-intrusive "printf"-style debugging


File system and I/O issues

  • OS/2 file handle problems
  • Finding the date a file was created or last accessed
  • Changing file dates
  • Changing file sizes
  • Finding all extended attributes of a file
  • Copying files
  • Testing whether a directory exists
  • Testing whether a string is a valid file name
  • Testing removable media
  • Determining disk format type (FAT/HPFS/CD-ROM)


Other OS/2-specific REXX issues

  • Controlling NumLock
  • Finding active programs and tasks
  • Terminating an active program
  • Testing session type (PM or text mode)
  • Finding the boot drive
  • Listing environment variables
  • Multithreading in REXX programs
  • Using named pipes
  • Guaranteeing exclusive access with semaphores
  • Using semaphores for intertask communication
  • Collecting REXX code into libraries