An ARexx quick reference for Deluxe Music 2.0


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DMusic-ARexx.txt:    A functional ARexx reference for Deluxe Music 2.0
Author:            Daniel J. Barrett,
Version:        1.0, 18 October 1993
Distributability:    100% public domain!

    This is an ARexx reference for Electronic Arts "Deluxe Music 2.0." The stupid manual documents the commands in alphabetical order, so if you don't know the name of the command you need, you have to look through the whole damn section to find it.

    I give the page number, command name, and a brief description.

Program control

154    UNDO        Undo the last operation.
138    QUIT        Quit the program.

File/Document operations

134    NEW        Open a new blank score.
136    OPEN        Open an existing score file.
117    CLOSE        Close the current score.
143    SAVE        Save the current score.
143    SAVEAS        Save the current score and prompt for a filename.
138    REVERT        Revert to previously saved version of the score.
138    PRINT        Print the score.


118    COPY        Copy selected items to the clipboard.
118    CUT        Cut selected items to the clipboard.
136    PASTE        Paste from clipboard into the score.


136    PLAY        Play a score.
154    STOP        Stop playback.
141    RESUME        Resume playback from where it was last stopped.

GUI control

117    CHANGEWINDOW    Move and resize the current window.
153    SIZEWINDOW    Resize the main document window.
155    WINDOW        Open/close/activate/resize command windows.
134    MOVEWINDOW    Move a window.

144    SCREENTOFRONT    Move the DeluxeMusic screen to the front.
144    SCREENTOBACK    Move the DeluxeMusic screen to the back.

133    LOCKDISPLAY    Inhibit screen refreshes.
154    UNLOCKDISPLAY    Undo a LOCKDISPLAY command.
154    UPDATEDISPLAY    Refresh the display.

133    LOCKGUI        Inhibit all keyboard and mouse input.
154    UNLOCKGUI    Undo a LOCKGUI command.

113    BEEPSCREEN    Beep or flash the screen.
151    SETSTATUSBAR    Place a message in the program's title bar.

144    SAVESETTINGS    Save the GUI settings.

Tool Window

152    SETTOOL        Select a particular tool.

145    SETACCIDENTAL    Change the accidental settings.
147    SETDIVISION    Change the note duration settings.
148    SETDOT        Change the dotted note setting.
149    SETDYNAMIC    Change the dynamics settings.
153    SETTUPLET    Change the tuplet settings.

Prompt the user

139    REQUESTNOTIFY    Open a 1-button requestor.
140    REQUESTRESPONSE    Open a 2-button requestor.

140    REQUESTNUM    Prompt the user for a number.
141    REQUESTSTRING    Prompt the user for a string.
139    REQUESTFILE    Prompt the user for a filename.

127    GOTO        Move the cursor to a specified location.
137    POSITION    Move the cursor to start/end of measure or score.
134    NEXT        Move the cursor to the next item in the score.
137    PREVIOUS    Move the cursor to the previous item in the score.

Selecting data

144    SELECTITEM    Select the item after the cursor.
144    SELECTALL    Select all items in the score.
119    DESELECTALL    Deselect all selected items.

Inserting data

129    INSERTITEM    Add an item to the score.
132    INSERTMEASURE    Add a new measure.

Deleting data

117    CLEAR        Delete all data from a score.
119    ERASE        Delete all selected items.
117    CLEARMOD    Remove all accidentals/tuplets from selected item(s).

118    DELBACKWD    Delete the item before the cursor.
119    DELFWD        Delete the item after the cursor.

118    DELETEMEASURE    Delete the current measure.

Changing data

113    CHANGEITEM    Modify the item after the cursor.
116    CHANGESELECTED    Modify the currently selected items.

116    CHANGETONE    Change the pitch of the selected notes.
119    FLIPNOTESTEM    Flip the direction of selected note stems.
128    GROUPITEM    Add or remove grouping (ties, beams, 8va's, etc.)

119    DOUBLETIME    Double the duration of selected notes.
129    HALFTIME    Halve the duration of selected notes.

132    JOINMEASURE    Join two measures into one.
153    SPLITMEASURE    Split one measure into two.
139    REALIGNMEASURE    Realign the current measure.

145    SETBARATTR    Change the bar lines (repeat, 2nd ending, etc.)
147    SETCLEF        Change a clef.
149    SETKEYSIGNATURE    Change the key signature.
152    SETTIMESIGNATURE    Change the time signature.
150    SETSTAFF    Change staff attributes.

Program information

120    GETATTR        Get information about DeluxeMusic's status.
123    GETERRORINFO    Give information about an error number.

125    GETPOSITION    Get current cursor position.
123    GETITEMATTR    Get information about the item after the cursor.

Musical information

122    GETCLEF        Get information about clefs.
125    GETKEYSIGNATURE    Get information about key signatures.
126    GETSTAFF    Get information about staves.
127    GETTIMESIGNATURE    Get information about time signatures.

ARexx control

142    RX        Execute an ARexx script.
142    RXS        Execute an ARexx string.
113    ABORTSCRIPTS    Abort all currently executing ARexx scripts.

118    CMDSHELL    Open the ARexx command shell.
129    HELP        Display usage information for ARexx commands.

133    LEARN        Starting/stop recording a macro.
136    PLAYMACRO    Execute the last recorded macro.
143    SAVEMACRO    Save last recorded macro.