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Classic Rexx Tutorial

Language Level 4.00 (TRL-2)


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This tutorial describes classic features of the Rexx language. The intent of the tutorial is to enable you to become a proficient Rexx program developer, without any initial expense.

The tutorial is not a document of a specific Rexx implementation. Many implementation-specific considerations are highlighted within the tutorial.

Rexx is a programming language that was developed over a ten year period, with extensive personal effort by IBM's Michael Cowlishaw

The tutorial is a condensation of details that are documented in Michael Cowlishaw's famous book:

    The REXX Language
    A Practical Approach
    to Programming

    Second Edition

    Author: Michael Cowlishaw
        IBM UK Laboratories Ltd.

    Published in 1990 by Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632.

    ISBN 0-13-780651-5

Note: this book is commonly referenced within the Rexx programming community as TRL-2.

The Rexx language, as documented in TRL-2, has numerous syntactic and semantic intricacies and nuances which are beyond the scope of this tutorial. You should obtain the above book if you plan to be an expert Rexx program developer.

TRL-2 was the basis of the American National Standards Institute's effort to standardize the definition of the REXX language. This standardization effort was identified as the ANSI X3J18 project. The American National Standard (ANSI Standard) for Rexx is called "Programming Language - REXX", and its number is X3.274-1996.