Learn REXX Programming in 56,479 Easy Steps

By Jeff Glatt

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So you want to learn how to create your very own computer program, but you never had the time nor inclination to do so before? Well, now that your spouse has decided to leave you (because you spend far too much time on the computer), you have plenty of opportunity. And creating a program using REXX is so easy that you will even have your first program done before the divorce papers arrive.

This book is not intended to touch upon every aspect of REXX programming, but rather, simply provide some of the most important concepts, and leave you to pull out your own hair figuring out some esoteric technique you need in order to complete your program that analyzes your collection of smutty JPEG pictures and organizes them by breast size.

Although most of the pages of this book contain links to other pages, you should initially read the pages in the order that they appear in the table of contents (rather than clicking upon links in the pages). The links are provided so that you can more easily use this book as a reference book, later on, after you've initially read it as a topic-by-topic tutorial.

Example REXX code in this tutorial in displayed in colored text. Cheap, obnoxious attempts at humor are not highlighted in any particular way, so you'll have to be prepared for the worst at all times.


"Learn REXX Programming in 56,479 Easy Steps" was written by Jeff Glatt, who pilfered a great many other sources, but is not afraid of being sued for doing it because he doesn't own anything that some lawyer-weasel would want. It is freely redistributable. For that matter, it is freely recycleable, if you decide it's not worthy of anything except the trashbin. This book may be used by and distributed along with any software, be it commercial or otherwise, provided that the book is not sold as a complete product by itself. The only price that you have to pay is the one that you're already paying by spending all of your time in front of a computer instead of developing healthier outlets.

If you have suggestions, comments, criticisms, and anything else other than dollar bills, then send them to someone else because you got it for free, and you know what you get for nothing? But, if you do need to contact the author, his email address is jglatt@borg.com.

You can download the Windows electronic version of this book from the REXX User's page for Windows.