Script for DB2 Universal Database using REXX

Автор: Howard Fosdick

Источник: developerWorks

1. Script for DB2 Universal Database using REXX: Learn REXX fast

If you learn Rexx, you’ll know a scripting language that runs everywhere from mainframes to handhelds—and everything in between. Rexx is a general-purpose language that's powerful enough for mainframes yet flexible enough for other platforms. Best of all, Rexx is easy to learn. Howard Fosdick introduces you to using Rexx with IBM® DB2® Universal Database™.

2. Script for DB2 Universal Database using REXX: Quick DB2 UDB scripting

If you want to learn a quick way to develop database scripts, start here. Rexx scripts not only manipulates IBM® DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) data in the same manner as traditional languages, it can issue DB2 commands and use the administrative API to manage and control all aspects of DB2 UDB. Author Howard Fosdick includes lots of examples to get you going.




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