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1 SmartPack SmartPack for Mesa/2 is a collection of little tools to use with the excellent spread sheet application Mesa/2 by Sundial Systems. (c) Frank Wochatz, 2003.
2 chckdmns.cmd Monitors running processes, kill/restarts if necessary
3 of.zip OF (Open Folder) простая команда REXX, отрывающая папку в WPS, из командной строки. Папка может быть определена, или иначе будет открыта текущая папка.
4 password.zip Password/2 0.1 (c) 2002/10/10
5 rxast190.zip RexxAutoStart Version 1.8.9 This program is  a workaround for timing problems  that  lead  to  a  WPS hang on startup  on  certain  OS/2  versions and fixlevels. (c) H.Bauernfeind, 01.06.2002
6 rxbmw-1.0.0.zip RxBMW-v1.0.0 PM frontend for your custom backup commands.A history of backups along with file level detail of the current backup is available. Many different file systems are supported. User configuration and online help are provided(c)Stan Pokorney
7 rxeas.zip rxeas Version 1.0 This is a simple set of REXX scripts to manage extended attributes in OS/2 using the standar SysPutEA, SysGetEA and SysQueryEAList (the last of them only available in some environments) REXXUTIL functions.
8 rxnumlock.zip Проверка состояния клавиши Num Lock. (с) 29.02.2006