Графический интерфейс IO

1 Les Tec  [OS2] [WIN]  REXX I/O Library. REXXIO is a general REXX Input/Output library to aid general File I/O and Window/Keyboard/Mouse manipulation. (c) LesTec Pty Ltd, 2016
2 RexxDW [OS2] [WIN] [LINUX] [MAC] Rexx DW A lightweight, cross-platform GUI
3 RexxGCI [OS2] [WIN] [LINUX] GCI is the Generic Call Interface for REXX interpreters. GCI allows REXX programmers access to all shared libraries (aka DLLs) where there are no REXX-specific wrappers.
4 EVRexx.zip [OS2] PM functions for REXX programs. Enhanced Visual Rexx (uses emxrt.zip). (c) 14.04.1995
5 mruntime.zip REXX DLL for mouse support (c) 2004/01/12
6 rxdlg10.zip PM dialog programming in REXX (c) 3.3.1995
7 RxMsgBox.ZIP [OS2] RxMsgBox. Простой способ создать PM окно с информацией и конопками "YES","NO","CANCEL". (с) 2003
8 sputils01.zip [OS2] spUtils. Rexx Utility Package. Мощный пакет расширения функций ввода/вывода REXX (c) 2004
9 vRexx [OS2] VREXX is Visual REXX for OS/2 Presentation Manager!  VREXX allows you to write standard OS/2 REXX command files which can create and control PM windows.