Работа с данными

1 RegUtil [Win] RexxUtil for Regina (RegUtil) реализация IBM's RexxUtil для Regina. В комплекте описание, dll для винды, и исходники. Теоретически все должно работать под FreeBSD, NT, Solaris, HP, TRU64 Unix, Linux, Dynix, and AIX
2 XML Библиотеки для работы (разбора) XML файлов.
3 BASE64.ZIP Encode/decode files in Base64 (б) 31.01.1995
4 CHANGE2.ZIP REXX batch files are practical tools to change drive/directory (б) 23.11.1996
5 CMDLINE1.ZIP Powerful data input routine for REXX
6 DATERGF1.ZIP REXX procedures for working with sorted dates
7 QUOTWORD.ZIP REXX Word()-like function which recognizes quoted strings (c) 1998/06/04
8 rexxfile101.zip Rexx File Utilities (FileUt), version 1.0.1 Новые расширенные функции, аналоги функций: lineout, charin, и charout.
9 rexxuni20.zip RexxUni 2.0 - UniCode API for Rexx (c) 2002/01/10
10 RXBAS123.ZIP Dbase functions for REXX
11 RXCRC32.ZIP RxCRC32 V1.00 - A REXX extension DLL for efficiently calculating CRC-32 checksums of files/buffers/strings. (c) 2000/10/30
12 RXDATE21.ZIP REXX calendar functions for manipulating dates (c) 2000/12/19
13 RXMULCH1.ZIP Replaces/counts strings in files (REXX)
14 rxuls_051.zip RXULS.DLL v0.51, Unicode and I18N library for REXX, to selected parts of the OS/2 ULS (Universal Language Support) API, also known as the Unicode API. Functions for: searching and transforming text by locale, querying locale information<...>(c)14.01.2008
15 UTIME.ZIP DLL for REXX: UnixTime convert to string
16 w32funcs151.zip [WIN] w32funcs is a function library for Regina which provides access to the Windows NT registry, event log, service control manager, and shell, and provides Automation support.
17 dateconv.rar DATECONV v7.0 Convert a date from one format to another format and optionally offset the date some number of days.
18 ini2rexx.zip [OS2] INI2Rexx.zip v0.1.2 Converts OS/2 INI files to human editable Rexx scripts. (с) 2002
19 RxUls [OS2] RxULS Version 0.5.2. REXX Universal Language Support (RxULS) provides a REXX interface to selected parts of the OS/2 Universal Language Support API (ULS). (c) Alexander Taylor, 2008
20 numbers-1_2.zip REXX function that converts any integer into its equivalent in letters ("two hundred" for 200, etc.) in English, Spanish and Catala (c) 2009
21 RexxRe [OS2][WIN]
RexxRE, version 1.0.1. RexxRE provides a Rexx interface to POSIX regular expressions. There is an analog to each of the POSIX functions, and a `parse' function which provides functionality similar to the Rexx parse instruction. (c) Patrick TJ McPhee, 2003
22 rxfilts.zip Исходники библиотеки работы с регулярными выражениями на Rexx. (c) 1998
23 rxsql25beta_lite_os2.zip [OS2] Rexx/SQL 2.4 for SQLite OS/2 3.0+ (c) 2004
24 RexxMySql [WIN][LINUX]
REXX MySQL Library
Wrapper library for adding MySQL support into the REXX language. Libraries are written in C and then imported into REXX scripts. Once imported REXX scripts can access most of the functions of the MySQL C API through REXX.
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25 RexxSql [OS2][WIN][LINUX]
An external Rexx function package to connect to SQL databases
* Description
Rexx/SQL is a Rexx external function package that allows access to various SQL databases with the same interface. Multiple databases from different vendors may be connected at once.
* Overview
Rexx/SQL provides Rexx programmers with a consistent, simple, yet powerful interface to SQL databases. Multiple connections to different databases from different vendors can be made in the one Rexx program. Multiple statements can be open on each database connection at the one time.
Databases supported by Rexx/SQL include Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and SQLite. Rexx/SQL also supports access to ODBC datasources. This means that you can use Rexx/SQL to access databases such as SQL Server and Access, as well as other products such as Excel.

Web Site: https://rexxsql.sourceforge.net/