Текстовый интерфейс IO

1 RexxTK An extension library for use with most versions of Rexx and providing access to the Tk Graphic User Interface Toolkit.
2 pds.zip Panel Display System, user interface system for REXX (c) 1995/01/31
3 prtgraph_2.2.zip PrtGraph 2.2 REXX Library gives you access to complex graphic printing functionality from command line REXX scripts.
4 rexmenu2.zip Parse text file for menu selection (c) 1995/01/31
5 rexxvio.zip REXXVIO v0.02 Graphical User Interface (GUI) text-mode (c) 20.02.1996
6 RXANSI.ZIP RXANSI is a REXX extension for OS/2 1.2 EE and OS/2 1.3 SE. It was developed due to the lack of power available in REXX to perform screen I/O. (б) 22.03.1993
7 rxcurs13_os2.zip A Rexx interface to curses. version 1.3 (c) 14.10.2000
8 rxlogin.zip  Rexx procedure that asks for a password