Взаимодействие с ОС

1 RXASYNC Asynchronous communications API for REXX
2 bdsom1.zip Build SOM - a REXX procedure that creates WPS objects
3 classedi.zip VxRexx Class editor
4 deskutil.zip Info on the REXX SysCreateObject functions (2 samples)
5 ft.zip Routine which changes file type Eas
6 openfdr4.zip Open folders from a popup menu (req. REXX & 4OS2)
7 rxusmp.zip Rexx program "PI2.CMD" written based on the "RxQProcStatus()" function of the RXU.ZIP (YDBAUTIL) function package.
8 dirtools.zip DIRtools ver 1.02: Utilities for copying, deleting, and viewing directories. (C) Daniel Hellerstein, 1999
9 dirtools_v116b.zip DIRTOOLS 1.16 allows sophisticated command line power for directory operations -- including Copying, Merging, Moving, Deleting and/or Displaying all (or selected files) in a directory structure. (C) Daniel Hellerstein, 2002
10 rxpmpapi.zip RXPMPAPI.DLL is a Rexx interface to PM Patrol's Data Collection Facility (DCF) (с) Darren Abbott, 1997
11 rxwtitle_11.zip rxwtitle 1.1 Manipulate window  switchlist title from a rexx program. Change or retrieve the switchlist title
of the VIO window your rexx script is running in. (с) Michel SUCH, 2001
12 uptm.zip UTMP. Маленькая OS/2 Rexx Dll'ка. Умеет выдавать System Uptime. (Глюк с отpицательным аптаймом - fixed) (с) Dmitriy Aljoshin, 1999
13 rxsock14.zip rxSock version 1.4. RXSOCK is a socket library for Rexx.  Its interface is compatible with the one provided by IBM with OS/2 and with Object Rexx for Windows. (c) Darren Abbott, 2004
14 rexxmous.zip [OS2] Rexx Mouse DLL - Basic Text Window Mouse Interface (c) DGD, 11.18.2009
15 rxowire.zip [OS2] Sample REXX Program for accessing 1-Wire data. The RS-232 based DS9097U interface is required to read temperature from a DS1820 sensor. (c) Lone Peak Automation, 2008
16 rxgpib.zip [OS2] rxGPIB ver. 1.00 - REXX-callable DLL that enables REXX to access GPIB functions (IEEE488). Works on OS/2 Warp 3.0 and later. Freeware. (c) 1999
17 rxsem100.zip [OS2] REXXSEM 1.00. REXXSEM's semaphores, then, work the same way as the OS/2 API semaphore functions. (c) Darin McBride, 1999
18 rxportio.zip [OS2] rxPortIO ver. 1.01 - REXX-callable DLL that provides hardware I/O read and write services to OS/2 Warp 3.0 and later REXX programs. With rxPortIO you can easily access hardware like digital I/O, data acquisition and other boards that require I/O read and writes. rxPortIO is ideal for prototyping hardware for both, the Professional and Hobbyist. rxPortIO is copyrighted freeware. (c) 1998
19 rxlvm_051.zip [OS2] REXX LVM Interface (version 0.51). I've written a (simple) REXX interface to certain LVM functions. This library is called RxLVM, and provides read-only access to information about drives, volumes, partitions, and Boot Manager. (c) Alex Taylor, 2007
20 yaGetKey В данной работе предлагается решение одной застарелой проблемы, связанной с малоприятной особенностью реализации функции SysGetKey() из стандартного пакета RexxUtil, которая создаёт существенные неудобства для русскоязычных пользователей. Впрочем, это касается вообще всех языков, использующих кириллицу, а также греческого языка, части восточноевропейских и некоторых западноевропейских языков, например, французского.
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© Виктор Смирнов, 2015
21 fi_98148.zip FASTINI. Быстрая работа с INI файлами в OS/2.
22 mdc95316.zip MSGDCOMP. This program decompiles OS/2 message files.  This allows you to see their contents and if you have the TOOLKIT program MKMSGF.EXE then you could modify the messages and recompile it! (с) 1995
23 rxu1a.zip RXU v1.a - Rich set of Rexx functions which expose most of the OS/2 API set to Rexx programs (memory management/access, semaphores, pipes, queues, module handling, threading/tasking, system information, i/o, devioctl, etc.), as well as providing many functions which aid in Rexx programming (variable pool access, "expose" variables across external function calls, queue manipulation, macrospace management, etc.). Package includes .INF file and sample Rexx programs.  Freeware.  Uploaded by author.
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