Работа в сети

1 rxsock rxSock - Rexx Function Package for TCP/IP Sockets
2 RXWeb [OS2] RexxWeb. REXX Function package for REXX based CGI scripts.
Provides additional REXX functions for CGI scripts. Handles form processing (GET and POST methods) with data validation, supports file uploads, sending e-mail and attachments via SMTP, checking and retrieving POP3 mail, getting documents via HTTP, building simple PDF documents and a range of useful date, file and string functions. Perform warm PC Reboot and call NTP servers. Refer to readme.txt for build specific changes.
3 icrexx.zip IBM Continuous Speech REXX Interface
4 rxlan122.zip REXXLAN v1.22 access to LAN Server API (expires 06/94)
5 rxnetb.zip RxNetB, REXX/NETBIOS Function interface Package. (c) 23.10.1992
6 rxtelnet.zip REXX Telnet/TN3270 API (NVT) (C) 12.09.1999
7 rexxipc-src.zip  Source code for the RexxIPC library. 
The RexxIPC library allows access to InterProcess Communications facilities of the OS/2 operating system. The source code has been released by its author, Serge Brisson, so that others may benefit from it, whether for educational purposes or to extend its functionality. It has been released under the Lesser GNU Public License. As Mr. Brisson no longer uses OS/2, so contacting him about this software will not do anyone any good. (с) 2002
8 rxftp.zip Rexx Function Package for TCP/IP FTP for OS/2 2.0 (с) Patrick Mueller, 1993
rxFtp is a REXX function package providing access to the OS/2 TCP/IP FTP API as provided by the IBM TCP/IP product, version 1.2.1.
9 rxappc.zip  REXX/APPC Function interface Package

This package provides access to the OS/2 Communications Manager APPC Application Programming Interface from REXX programs.

This provides a fast and simple way to learn APPC and to build communications pgms.

The sample pgms TP1 (Client) and TP2 (Server) can be located at any OS/2 APPC enabled system
10 birc-v0.2b.ZIP BiRC v0.2b - IRC client for REXX (с) 12.03.1999
11 ICQSETUP.ZIP REXX Script for ICQ Java under OS/2. (с) 17.04.1998
12 RXCHT10A.ZIP REXXchat v1.0a: IRC-like chat system written in REXX (с) 18.06.1997
13 RXICQ.ZIP Rexx extensions to control pwICQ status, query user info, send message, etc. (with sample .CMD files) (с) 21.05.2001
14 rxpop12.zip RXPOP means REXX-Utils for POP-Mailing and enables to check a POP account and automatically download messages. (c) Christoph Lechleitner, 1996