REXX Sockets Return Codes

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z/VM V5R3.0 REXX/VM Reference

A REXX Sockets call returns a return code as the first token of the result string. If the return code is not zero, the second and third tokens in the result string are the error name and the corresponding error message. The following table lists the return code values defined for all REXX socket functions.

Code  Error Name  Error Message
0 -
1 EPERM  Not owner
2 ENOENT  No such file or directory
3 ESRCH  No such process
4 EINTR  Interrupted system call
5 EIO  I/O error
6 ENXIO  No such device or address
7 E2BIG  Arg list too long
8 ENOEXEC  Exec format error
9 EBADF  Bad file number
10 ECHILD  No children
11 EAGAIN  No more processes
12 ENOMEM  Not enough memory
13 EACCES  Permission denied
14 EFAULT  Bad address
15 ENOTBLK  Block device required
16 EBUSY  Device busy
17 EEXIST  File exists
18 EXDEV  Cross-device link
19 ENODEV  No such device
20 ENOTDIR  Not a directory
21 EISDIR  Is a directory
22 EINVAL  Argument not valid
23 ENFILE  File table overflow
24 EMFILE  Too many open files
25 ENOTTY  Inappropriate ioctl for device
26 ETXTBSY  Text file busy
27 EFBIG  File too large
28 ENOSPC  No space left on device
29 ESPIPE  Illegal seek
30 EROFS  Read-only file system
31 EMLINK  Too many links
32 EPIPE  Broken pipe
33 EDOM  Argument too large
34 ERANGE  Result too large
35 EWOULDBLOCK  Operation would block
36 EINPROGRESS  Operation now in progress
37 EALREADY  Operation already in progress
38 ENOTSOCK  Socket operation on non-socket
39 EDESTADDRREQ  Destination address required
40 EMSGSIZE  Message too long
41 EPROTOTYPE  Protocol wrong type for socket
42 ENOPROTOOPT  Option not supported by protocol
43 EPROTONOSUPPORT  Protocol not supported
44 ESOCKTNOSUPPORT  Socket type not supported
45 EOPNOTSUPP  Operation not supported on socket
46 EPFNOSUPPORT  Protocol family not supported
47 EAFNOSUPPORT  Address family not supported by protocol family
48 EADDRINUSE  Address already in use
49 EADDRNOTAVAIL  Cannot assign requested address
50 ENETDOWN  Network is down
51 ENETUNREACH  Network is unreachable
52 ENETRESET  Network dropped connection on reset
53 ECONNABORTED  Software caused connection abort
54 ECONNRESET  Connection reset by peer
55 ENOBUFS  No buffer space available
56 EISCONN  Socket is already connected
57 ENOTCONN  Socket is not connected
58 ESHUTDOWN  Cannot send after socket shutdown
59 ETOOMANYREFS  Too many references: cannot splice
60 ETIMEDOUT  Connection timed out
61 ECONNREFUSED  Connection refused
62 ELOOP  Too many levels of symbolic links
63 ENAMETOOLONG  File name too long
64 EHOSTDOWN  Host is down
65 EHOSTUNREACH  Host is unreachable
66 ENOTEMPTY  Directory not empty
67 EPROCLIM  Too many processes
68 EUSERS  Too many users
69 EDQUOT  Disc quota exceeded
70 ESTALE  Stale NFS file handle
71 EREMOTE  Too many levels of remote in path
72 ENOSTR  Not a stream device
73 ETIME  Timer expired
74 ENOSR  Out of stream resources
75 ENOMSG  No message of desired type
76 EBADMSG  Not a data message
77 EIDRM  Identifier removed
78 EDEADLK  Deadlock situation detected/avoided
79 ENOLCK  No record locks available
80 ENONET  Machine is not on the network
81 ERREMOTE  Object is remote
82 ENOLINK  The link has been severed
83 EADV  Advertise error
85 ECOMM  Communication error on send
86 EPROTO  Protocol error
87 EMULTIHOP  Multihop attempted
88 EDOTDOT  Cross mount point
89 EREMCHG  Remote address changed
90 ECONNCLOSED  Connection closed by peer
1000 EIBMBADCALL  Bad socket-call constant
1001 EIBMBADPARM  Bad parm
1002 EIBMSOCKETOUTOFRANGE  Socket out of range
1003 EIBMSOCKINUSE  Socket in use
2001 EINVALIDRXSOCKETCALL  Syntax error in RXSOCKET parameter list
2002 ECONSOLEINTERRUPT  Console interrupt
2003 ESUBTASKINVALID  Subtask ID not valid
2004 ESUBTASKALREADYACTIVE  Subtask already active
2005 ESUBTASKNOTACTIVE  Subtask not active
2006 ESOCKETNOTALLOCATED  Socket could not be allocated
2007 EMAXSOCKETSREACHED  Maximum number of sockets reached
2008 ESOCKETALREADYDEFINED  Socket already defined
2009 ESOCKETNOTDEFINED  Socket not defined
2011 EDOMAINSERVERFAILURE  Domain name server failure
2012 EINVALIDNAME  name received from TCPIP server not valid
2013 EINVALIDCLIENTID  clientid received from TCPIP server not valid
2014 EINVALIDFILENAME  File name specified not valid
2015 ENUCEXTFAILURE  Error during NUCEXT function
2016 EHOSTNOTFOUND  Host not found in SITEINFO file
2017 EIPADDRNOTFOUND  IP address not found in ADDRINFO file
2018 EREQUESTNOTACTIVE  Specified socket request not active
2051 EFORMATERROR  Format error
2052 ESERVERFAILURE  Server failure
2053 EUNKNOWNHOST  Unknown host
2054 EQUERYTYPENOTIMPLEMENTED  Query type not implemented
2055 EQUERYREFUSED  Query refused
3001 EIUCVINVALIDPATH  IUCV path ID not valid
3002 EIUCVPATHQUIESCED  IUCV path quiesced
3003 EIUCVMSGLIMITEXCEEDED  IUCV message limit exceeded
3004 EIUCVNOPRIORITY  IUCV priority message not allowed on this path
3005 EIUCVSMALLBUFFER  IUCV buffer too small
3006 EIUCVBADFETCH  IUCV Fetch Protection Exception
3007 EIUCVBADADDRESS  IUCV Addressing Exception on answer buffer
3008 EIUCVBADMSGCLASS  IUCV conflicting message class/path/msgid
3009 EIUCVPURGEDMSG  IUCV message was purged
3010 EIUCVBADMSGLENGTH  IUCV negative message length
3011 EIUCVPARTNERNOTLOGGEDON  IUCV target userid not logged on
3012 EIUCVPARTNERNOTINITIALIZED  IUCV target userid not enabled for IUCV
3013 EIUCVPATHLIMITEXCEEDED  IUCV path limit exceeded
3014 EIUCVPARTNERPATHLIMIT  IUCV partner path limit exceeded
3015 EIUCVNOTAUTHORIZED  IUCV not authorized
3018 EIUCVINVALIDMSGLIMIT  IUCV message limit not valid
3019 EIUCVBUFFERALREADYDECLARED  IUCV buffer already declared
3020 EIUCVPARTNERSEVERED  IUCV partner severed path
3021 EIUCVPARTNERNOPRMDATA  IUCV cannot accept data in parmlist
3022 EIUCVSENDLISTINVALID  IUCV SEND buffer list not valid
3023 EIUCVINVALIDBUFFERLENGTH  IUCV negative length in answerlist
3024 EIUCVINVALIDLISTLENGTH  IUCV total list length not valid
3026 EIUCVBUFFERLISTNOTALIGNED  IUCV buffer list not aligned
3027 EIUCVANSWERLISTNOTALIGNED  IUCV answer list not aligned
3028 EIUCVNOCONTROLBUFFER  IUCV no control buffer
3048 EIUCVFUNCTIONNOTSUPPORTED  IUCV function not supported

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